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On A Personal Note:

How and why I became a Professional Organizer.


I have always been good at organizing.  I was the person that friends would call when they were moving or needed help simplifying their space.  I always enjoyed keeping things together.

Then somewhere along the way I started to get sloppy about putting things back where they belonged.  I started to save things thinking I might be able to use them someday.

As relatives passed on, I also started collecting their stuff, mementos that you think you should keep, plus all those keepsakes I was holding onto since my childhood.  Before I knew it I had piles of stuff everywhere.  Items you don’t really need or use.  I now had a large two story garage filled with too many things. 

When life redirected my path, I went from living on a one acre lot with a two story home and a large two story garage and moved onto a 40 foot sailboat. 

I then realized I did not have space for all of this stuff.  Did I really need all these things I was keeping?  All those mementos that sat in boxes for years that you never look at.  Why was I holding onto them?  The memories are in my head not something packed away in a box, sitting on a shelf, or hanging on the wall.

Then all of a sudden I had clarity.  I really did not need all of these things I was hanging on to.  I knew then what I needed to do. 

I needed to get organized. 

After getting organized, there was this tremendous weight off my shoulders.  I then could truly enjoy the simplicity of life.


Professional Experience:

  • Many years of Volunteering - Helping friends, neighbors and family to get organized.
  • Professional Mover - I owned my own moving truck contracted through a large moving company.  

  • Store Owner/ Manager - I worked in retail for many years doing merchandising.

  • A member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

Not knowing it at the time, the love of keeping things organized all my life and my work experiences, brought me to a greater understanding of how to effectively help others to become organized.  Through this work, I can help others to truly understand what is of real value to them in their lives.                   (Please read On A Personal Note.)

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