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 Are you stuck in a Rut?

  •  Have you collected too much stuff ?
  • Do you have piles of clothes laying around ?
  • Piles of paper work that should be filled ?
  • Spending more time looking for something then using it ?
  • Do you have a two car garage but can't even park one car in it ?
  • Do you have trouble getting rid of things when no longer needed ?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you need my help.  I can assist you to get out of your rut, get yourself organized, and get your life back on track.

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Are You On Your Way To This? 

Or Has This Happened To You?

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Let's Talk


Free ½ hour phone consultation please use my contact form.

My In Home Consultation fee is $75.00 an hour or free if you decide to use my services at the time of your consultation.* 

There are numerous ways that I can help you get organized.  I would be happy to answer all of your questions and provide the solutions which may be best for your situation.

Services & Fees

With any organizing project I always ask for your input. After all, this is your home and space we are talking about. We want things to work for you. I never toss anything out without your permission. This is a team effort.

There are numerous ways that we can work together to help you get organized, depending on what areas in your home need to be focused on.  We can work around your scheduling needs.

 We can work side by side in areas such as:

  • Your closet
  • Your mementos
  • Any areas that you need to decide on what stays and what goes.

Times I can work on my own are:  (Of course always with your viewpoint in mind.)

  • Your garage
  • A storage shed or rented storage unit
  • Organizing your kitchen
  • Your bathroom
  • Your paperwork


First Session Runs $125.00 An Hour 3 Hour Minimum.*

After the First Session prices are $75.00 an hour minimum 3 hours per session.*

Save more by buying hourly packages.*

Packages Starting at:

20 Hours Savings of $150.00

30 Hours Savings of $350.00

40 Hours Savings of $600.00

Each job may take different amounts of time to get things organized.  It all depends upon the size of the project, how motivated you are and how fast you can make decisions.

But, remember that it took a long time to let things pile up.  It may take multiple sessions to get things put in there place. Once done, you will feel much happier, comfortable, and relaxed in your new organized environment. 🙂


* All fees for services are to be prepaid in advance.   

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